Stunning Stripes Outfit Ideas For Spring And Summer44
Stunning Stripes Outfit Ideas For Spring And Summer44

99 Stunning Stripes Outfit Ideas For Spring And Summer

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Fashion is a rich source of ideas. It worth to use all of them but wise and wisely connected, to make our look better not worse. Each man should know the basics of fashion.

Not so long ago a well known trend in mens’ wear, a trend especially visible in the TV, was matching different designs. Often we were seeing shirt in pane and tie in stripes on the same person. As an addition this person not seldom was wearing also really sparkly colors that would give strange little image that couldn’t be called ‘classy’.

Matching designs is not as easy as it might seem, in fact it is really hard to do. If we feel that we don’t have talent to do that we should trust in classic outfit. This type of outfit is always in good taste and a good choice, something to invest in. The basic rule is not to match designs from different poles.

Let’s check other rules:

-vertical stripes are making people look thinner – shirt and trousers in stripes make a person look taller and thinner;-horizontal stripes make a person look fatter – if we have problems with weight we should decide on losing them, but if our body looks fine we can decide on the striped shirts cause our arms will look better in this case;-linking stripes – wearing vertical and horizontal stripes in one outfit gives an image of disorder and don’t look elegant.