Pretty Christmas Gowns For Chic Women30
Pretty Christmas Gowns For Chic Women30

99 Pretty Christmas Gowns For Chic Women

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You don’t need to join a fashion design institute for that! Just give wings to your imagination and see what wonder it does! May be there’s a long pending wish of your’s to wear a beautiful evening dress of your favorite color having a particular pattern or a design. But the picture of your dream dress is very vague in your mind, isn’t it? All you need to do as preparation is to give clear outline to your visionary dress- the type of dress (a gown, a cocktail or any other dress for the pretty girls, or a trendy vest or a tuxedo suit for you gentleman!), the color, the shape, the trims accessories any special craft work (appliqué or embroidery for that matter!) and that’s it! As the last preparation you have to find someone who can sew your dress, in case you can’t do it yourself- it can be anyone- a professional tailor or a dear friend of yours- remunerations of course will differ- may be a few dollars to the professional and a gift or dinner for your friend!

Christmas Dress Designing for Women

If you dream of a halterneck dress, make it glamorous with some beautiful embroidery and beaded trim. Give a lace-up detail to the back that you can adjust to suit or go for a tie detail at back. Line it fully with acetate lining and feel the softness all over!

If you want a more glorious beaded ‘V’ neck dress, give it some asymmetric hemline with a flattering butterfly sleeves. Make it with polyester Georgette and pair it with polyester satin slip, you’ll definitely love it! If you want something wild, go for animal print dress with a stunning somewhat low ‘V’ neck and crinkle finish, butterfly sleeves and side zip fastening, do it all in polyester.

For a simple yet sensuous feeling try a silky stretch knit top with beading along neck edge. Attach a long tie that wraps several times around the waist! It will look good only if you are slim. Make the top with a blend of viscose & elastane and ties with polyester chiffon.