Rustic Romantic Blue And Silver Winter Wedding Ideas89
Rustic Romantic Blue And Silver Winter Wedding Ideas89

99 Rustic Romantic Blue And Silver Winter Wedding Ideas

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Winter weddings are memorable occasions because of the wedding itself and also because of the holiday season. If you want to have a winter wedding, you have to choose appropriate winter wedding colors and decorations. The tricky part about this is you have to create a mood that is both appropriate for a wedding and will also bring out the festive moods of the holidays. You need to think how to incorporate these two occasions into a one, grand theme that will wow guests and onlookers. Here are some tips on how to choose colors for your winter wedding.

• Take into consideration the place or the venue of the wedding. Most winter weddings are held indoors because of the cold weather outside. Think of colors that will make the atmosphere warmer and will make the cold season cozy and inviting.

• The most popular color motif for winter weddings is a combination of warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, and dark purple or grey with a touch of red. This will be a sharp contrast to the colors outdoors.

• You can also use cool colors such as ice or navy blue and forest green. This will greatly complement your warm colors. If you are planning on a winter wonderland theme, you might want to use ice blue with white and silver accents as your color motif.