Beautiful Fishtail Braided Hairstyles Ideas43
Beautiful Fishtail Braided Hairstyles Ideas43

99 Beautiful Fishtail Braided Hairstyles Ideas

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Braiding is the most popular African American hairstyle. Braids are very easy to maintain. However, you need to create this design with extreme care and patience. Most celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Alicia Keys and David Beckham are fond of these hairdos. There are varieties of braiding styles such as African Twist, Bantu Knots, Fishtail & Tree Braids. You can easily flaunt this style with any hair texture or hair length. It is advisable to choose the right color for your tresses for attaining a perfect look.

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Box Braids: This hairdo can easily stay for several weeks if maintained properly. It consists of three or four strand braids. Usually, the process of designing your tresses with box braids need two hairstylists. It involves cumbersome techniques but finally it looks fantastic. It is advisable to message your scalp with oil after braiding.

Cornrows: This style is considered to be one most fashionable form of hair braiding. It reflects vintage fashion and timeless elegance. It can be created by tightly braiding your tresses to the scalp in straight or geometric lines. You should preferably balance the tension on the strands. It is advisable to use hair net during shampooing. One should also avoid usage of heavy conditioners.

Micro Braids: This hairstyle is also known as Pixie or invisible braids. You can easily form various other designs from this style. It’s comparatively an easy form of hair braids. These styles can easily give you a neat and professional appearance. It also looks chic and fashionable. It is advisable to consult a hairstylist before taking up this design because micro braids doesn’t last longer in dry or brittle tresses.