Incredible Hot Weather Outfits Ideas For Summer05
Incredible Hot Weather Outfits Ideas For Summer05

99 Incredible Hot Weather Outfits Ideas For Summer

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1. Shirt Dress
Shirtdresses are an ideal option for looking professional while staying cool and on-trend at work. Borrowing from classic menswear, these little numbers have collars, button fronts and sometimes cuffed sleeves, but with a feminine skirt element. Shirtdresses come in a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns, making it easy to choose which style works best for your office environment.

2. Nontraditional Suits
Keep it classy in a suit silhouette, but mix it up in hot weather to keep your office fashion interesting as well as weather appropriate. A few ways you can do this is by playing with the length of your blazer or pants. Give your traditional suit a summertime feeling with a 3/4-length sleeve top or mix in cropped pants.

3. Add Color
Add a little color into your work wear and stand out in the crowd! A good way to incorporate color is with bright dress pants or a vibrant blazer. The best options for work wear colors are jewels tones and pastels. Jewel tones are classic, beautiful, deep colors that work well in formal office environments as well. Pastels are perfect for the spring and summer months, offering a breath of fresh air to your office wardrobe. Add some color to your summer work wear and you’ll be your offices’ best-dressed employee in no time

4. Silk Blouses
Silk blouses are work wear classics. They look expensive, luxurious and professional, while breathing better than other fabrics and keeping you cool. Typically a looser fit, silk tops are office appropriate in any work environment. Paired with slacks or skirts, these chic tops are easy to wear and look good on everyone.