Astonishing Spring Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For 2019 34
Astonishing Spring Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For 2019 34

99 Astonishing Spring Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For 2019

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Flipping through the pages of a wedding gown book, you feel excited and confused. The gowns are really stunning, and you like them all. Thanks to the talents of various designers, you have a lot of options in front you. But of course, you need to choose one, so let me help you. You’re getting married on the spring of 2016, right? For this, you might want to wear something that fits the 2016 spring wedding dress trend. A quite long list of trends has already come out, and you may want to take a peep at some ideas that made it to the list.

The Trends Revealed

Take a look at the ideas below. Know which of them suits your taste and other important concerns that you need to pay attention to.

• Victorian Inspired

Are you fond of vintage items, themes, and ideas? If yes, then this must be good news for you! Whatever neckline and types of sleeve you pick, you can always choose to add some Victorian touches. Indeed, looks from the old world can really be stunning even in the modern times.

• Bateau Neckline

This is also called the Sabrina or boat neckline. It runs from shoulder to shoulder, following the collar bone curves. Do you like it? Of course, it looks beautiful! There are some considerations, though. Bateau neckline will look really great on you if your face is long, for it will cut the length of your facial structure. And as for the body type, it suits pear-shaped women because it helps balance wide hips.