Stylish Sequins Skirt Outfit Ideas For Spring And Summer 24
Stylish Sequins Skirt Outfit Ideas For Spring And Summer 24

99 Stylish Sequins Skirt Outfit Ideas For Spring And Summer

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We’re now two full weeks into the 21 Day Skirt and Dress challenge and I’m really enjoying it. While I am very much a fashionista, I – like a lot of you – don’t have an unlimited clothing budget, so I find myself repeating certain pieces of my chosen wardrobe for the challenge in different ways. A great wardrobe can do just that for you – be versatile, adaptable, and comfortable to wear, while giving you options. Options are what’s important! Great basic pieces give you the freedom to mix, match and add your own personal flair!

The last few days have challenged me, for sure – we went through a bit of a “cold snap” here in Connecticut, and our balmy spring-into-summer weather deserted us. It was chilly and cloudy, and that definitely presented a different kind of atmosphere for my challenge. I was looking for my toasty warm sweats and pants, and almost broke my challenge, but in the end, my commitment won!

I paired my new favorite grey cardigan and knit skirt from T.J. Maxx with a black and white turtleneck – my nod to the cooler temperatures. Though I was working from home and could have dressed somewhat more casually, I chose this outfit with intention. Lots of meetings this day, though working from home, and I needed to feel more businesslike and polished.

The cardigan from my outfit has a scarf-type accent at the neck which adds a little interest. The skirt and cardigan were in the store together, but did not come from the same manufacturer. They are nearly a perfect match for each other though, and getting this intentional match makes them more likely to be perceived as an unmatched suit – though a casual one – and give me an additional level of polish. I paired silver earrings with the outfit to repeat the grey in the cardigan and skirt.