Affordable Hig Waisted Jeans Ideas For Every Body Type 27
Affordable Hig Waisted Jeans Ideas For Every Body Type 27

99 Affordable Hig Waisted Jeans Ideas For Every Body Type

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Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be frustrating especially with so many different styles and cuts available on the market. You also need to think about the rinse, rise and length which add up to your headache, but once you found the perfect pair, you’ll find every excuse to just wear it all day long and even for the night. The perfect pair of jeans is similar to your little black dress. It’s timeless, classic and effortless. To make your jeans shopping much easier, read on for more tips.

1. Budget
Set a budget for your jeans. You want to invest in high quality jeans because it’ll last longer than the cheap ones. Plus, high quality jeans have better fit because they are carefully made and the material is way much better than the cheaper ones and so if you saw two jeans, one that costs $50 and the other one is only $20, then grab the first one. This will prevent you from frequently replacing your jeans.

2. Body type
Know your body type. This will determine what sort of jeans you should look for at the stores. For people with a smaller butt, choose a pair of jeans with small pockets or the pair that has flaps to add bulk to your backside. Oversized pockets make your rearview appear smaller. For those who have more lady lumps on their trunk, avoid anything that has too many details such as embroidery or any excessive decorations on the back pockets. Stick to medium-sized pockets and stay away from jeans which don’t have pockets at all because they will make your butt way much bigger than it is.

If you have wider hips, avoid skinny jeans. Opt for boot leg jeans which will balance your curves. A pair of flare jeans is also a good idea. Choose dark rinse jeans with a slight fade on the inside for slimming effect. If you have skinny jeans, avoid well-skinny type of jeans as they will emphasize the lower part of the body making you look like a walking stick. Choose jeans that are neither too tight nor too loose for your frame.