Impressive Hair Styles Ideas For School 35
Impressive Hair Styles Ideas For School 35

99 Impressive Hair Styles Ideas For School

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Imagine the splash you’ll make as you walk into class with a new short haircut, one that exudes confidence and style. Will your friends recognize you? Will the teachers do a double take?

Short hair styles are great for school because they are so easy to care for and they really make a statement. Short hair says to the world: “I’m confident enough to get rid of all that hair I used to hide behind. Now you get to see the real me!”

But making the cut won’t be easy if you’ve had medium length or long hair for a while. After all, some of that hair has been with you for years. So to help you make the decision whether to “go short or go home”, here are some of the pros and
cons of changing to one of the new short hair styles:


    A time saver, especially in the mornings when you’re in a rush.
    Can be easily washed every day.
    Requires much less care and conditioning than longer hair.
    Looks sporty and fresh.
    If you don’t like your short hair style, just wait a few months for it to grow a bit and try another short cut.
    Your earrings finally show!