Wonderful Summer Women Outfit Ideas For Every Day 39
Wonderful Summer Women Outfit Ideas For Every Day 39

99 Cool Boho Outfit Ideas For Inspirations

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The Boho fashion is now becoming really popular. The style draws influences from bohemian and hippie styles. If you are planning to rock this style, it takes more than Boho clothing. Here are a few style tips to bear in mind for you to really be in your fashionable and chic look without having to feel uncomfortable.

Your goal is not to simply add a few Boho dresses to your wardrobe. Rather, you want to look chic and stunning without looking sloppy. One of the first things that you need to avoid is using too many and too long layers. You should bear this in mind if you are on the short side. Otherwise, you will only look smaller and like you’re trying too hard. The best way to master layering is to avoid garments which are simply too big for your body frame. Remove clothes that draw attention away from your face. These are the types of clothing that makes you look smaller or look bigger than you are actually are.

Consider mixing oversized outfits, like a Boho maxi dress, with something that is more tailored or fitted. Another key consideration to remember if you want to rock the Boho chic look is to try not to look like somebody else. Invest in a few Boho pieces but add a dash of your own style and personality. Boho style uses colours that are warm and rich. As such, your main pieces should be in olive green, cream white, khaki, black and brown.

Afterwards, you can add pieces in silver, grey, dark red, gold, deep purple and other vibrant hues. However, avoid using colour combinations that go over four hues. Sometimes, the colours associated with the Boho style may not exactly match your personal style. The best workaround here is to choose the best colours for pieces that are worn near your face as these are the first things that people notice.