Modern Hairstyles Ideas For Boys Look Great 22
Modern Hairstyles Ideas For Boys Look Great 22

99 Modern Hairstyles Ideas For Boys Look Great

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Hairstyles can reflect someone’s personality and is one of the easiest ways to indicate their identity. So, why don’t you give your kid some identity by giving him a spunky look or an adorable comb over by using any of these hairstyles for boys.

1. Classic Pull Up

This is one of the hairstyles for boys that could stand the test of time (literally). From Elvis Presley to Zayn Malik, this hairstyle is a popular one, and it should look good on your boy as well! Wash the hair with a shampoo, and dry it a little, but not too much. Divide the hair at the sides and use a hair dryer to dry the sides. The sides need to be much shorter than the central part of the hair to pull off this look. After drying the sides, use a comb and your hands to move the center part of your hair upwards. You could use a comb, brush or just your hands to create the spike on the center part of your hair. Use hair spray to keep the hair in place and also use a texturising gum if needed.

2. Shaggy Cut

The Shaggy haircut works well with all types of hair and all sizes of hair, be it medium or long hair. The Shag, as its fondly called, is a very practical haircut for your boy and is very easy to maintain, and is ‘oh-so-cute’. The Shag cut is a very simple cut that doesn’t take too long and is very easy to do. First, wet the hair, and make a ponytail at the top of the head. Cut the ponytail off so that the top of the head has short hair and increases near the ends. Now, cut the ends of the hair to the desired length. Do not cut hair in a straight motion, but at a 45 degree angle, to keep some parts of the original length and give it the unique shag cut. Do the same process all around the head. Use a razor to give the hair better texture and finish. Finally shampoo and dry the hair.

3. Comb Over

Another one of the classic hairstyles for boys, the comb over has become quite popular with the kids lately. This style will make your kid look like the sweet little boy that he is, and is perfect to be on the good books of his teacher at school. Part the hair to get the perfect line to start off the comb over hairstyle. Trim the side of the hair that you have parted using a comb and scissors. Don’t forget to wet the hair before you start trimming the sides. Cut the front and center part of the hair as per your desired length. To pull off this look you could either style the hair by pushing it upwards or sideways. Remember, the side partition is very important for this look. Use a gel to style it for special occasions or just a brush to comb it on daily basis.