Smart Wrist Tatto Designs Ideas You May Love To Try 01
Smart Wrist Tatto Designs Ideas You May Love To Try 01

99 Smart Wrist Tatto Designs Ideas You May Love To Try

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If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, definitely be aware of tattoo trends, and my advice would be to avoid them as well! There are trends in tattooing that come up every now and then where everyone and their brother hops on the bandwagon. Before you know it you have a ton of people looking all the same, because they decided to follow a trend.

Here are the different kinds of tattoo trends to avoid:

Tattoo Designs

There are certain trends which arise in regards to tattoo designs. For instance, remember the chain link design that people got around their bicep, ankle or wrist? For whatever reason everyone seemed to jump all over that trend. Then what happened? The trend died off and was no longer popular. A bunch of tattoo wearers now had chain link designs that were outdated and considered lame.

Another example are tribal tattoos. While tribal tattoos have their place and can provide meaning to some, for many others they simply wanted to jump on the tribal bandwagon because it became the popular style of the time.

Tattoo Placement

The next trend is where the tattoo is placed. This is also a trend you want to avoid. Many women for example have jumped on the “lower back tattoo” trend. So many have jumped on this bandwagon, that slang terms have now emerged for these type of tattoos: “tramp stamps”. This is in response to the huge number of women who chose the lower back placement just because it was the popular thing to do at the time.