Fascinating Camel Coat Outfit Ideas For 2019 01
Fascinating Camel Coat Outfit Ideas For 2019 01

99 Fascinating Camel Coat Outfit Ideas For 2019

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Those who are not familiar with camel hair clothing often make the assumption that it will be coarse and rough. It’s true that the outer hair of a camel is quite coarse and wouldn’t make that great of a garment, but underneath that rough hair is an extremely soft and luxurious material.

This luxuriously soft material known as the inner down fiber is also incredibly durable and exhibits desirable qualities. Since their coat is suited to keep them cool in the hot summer, but warm in the winter, this material makes for an excellent coat jacket.

Coats made with camel hair are often left in their natural color, a luxuriously decadent shade of tan. If that is not your thing, although much less common, you can also find dyed styles. If it’s died it’s usually dark brown or a shade of black.

Two styles are popular with men. The first is the camel hair sports coat, the second is a general top coat. A nice sports coat couples with a white shirt, dark tie, and black slacks makes for an eye catching classy style.