Chic Fashion Trends Ideas For This Summer 01
Chic Fashion Trends Ideas For This Summer 01

99 Chic Fashion Trends Ideas For This Summer

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Retail fashion is something that changes on a regular basis and that is influenced by the even more regularly changing catwalk fashion trends. With the main designers looking at womens clothing for spring and Summer 2010 many, many months ago, these are the 8 trends that you should be looking to adopt throughout the summer.

1. Nude colours. One of the primary points to take note of for summer 2010 is to reduce the boldness of colour and choose more neutral, nude tones. Stella McCartney and Fendi both displayed outfits at the spring and summer 2010 shows, aiming for more of a blending between clothes, rather than blocks of vibrant or bold colours.

2. Jumpsuits. Or playsuits, in fact. Starting in spring and summer of 2009, jumpsuits are just one of several items to progress through to 2010 and whilst they still may not be as popular off the catwalk as some of the other items on this list, it is expected that they will see a boom in popularity this year.

3. Bold tribal. Whilst nude colours may be the tones to look out for, if you do decide you want something bolder, choose a tribal design. Something that you would not count as traditionally British, taking inspiration from both Africa and India, will generally work well.