Beautiful Red White And Blue Outfits Ideas To Use On 4Th July12
Beautiful Red White And Blue Outfits Ideas To Use On 4Th July12

33 Beautiful Red White And Blue Outfits Ideas To Use On 4Th July

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Gathering with friends’ and family over bar-b-que’s or awaiting fireworks is some of the many ways we come together for the 4th of July. In addition to our gatherings we often express our patriotism through our clothes.

And what better way to show our devotion to our country than to slip on our favorite colors: red, white and blue! While some dress in Uncle Sam costumes to share in the festivities of the 4th of July, others may take a more subdued fashion approach when bearing the patriotic colors.

I Pledge My Bikini

Boating and grilling on the beach is a staple when planning gatherings, especially for the holidays. For the 4th of July, swimwear comes to mind particularly the cheesy take of the American flag bikini. However, fashion does not necessarily have to be tacky when we are trying to bring the festivity to our clothing. While many plan a day at the beach, try a bold red or chic white bikini and pair with contrasting wedges in navy.

Stars & Stripes…Oh My!

Body painting ourselves in red, white and blue may be a little over the top, so what can we clothe ourselves in to show our patriotic pride? There are many pieces of clothing that can contribute to our 4th of July fashion without looking like a two year old. Never wear an outfit that screams what holiday it is, but rather an outfit that shows it through color and sophistication. One example is horizontal stripes. Not only are the stripes a mirrored image of the American flag, but they are also popping up in many fashion magazines; and wearing a dress or top with red or blue stripes will play a part in showing your support. Another fashion accessory that can enhance our outfit is jewelry. While we may not want to wear dangling stars or flags as earrings, opting for a large statement ring with a colored stone, in red, can add a dramatic touch to any outfit. Even large beaded necklaces in the patriotic colors look great in a contrasting color layered over our tops or dresses.

To celebrate our freedom this 4th of July, there is no reason we can’t spend it having fun with our friends’ and family. But we can also spend it looking fashionable and dressed in style! Happy 4th of July!

Joezette Clausen majored in English with a concentration in writing from Florida State University. Her influence in fashion began at an early age while she modeled throughout high school and college. A boutique and website owner, she has traveled the globe from Paris to New York to pursue more information of style and fashion.